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How Much Do Butt Implants Cost

Thousands of people are unhappy with at least one aspect of their appearance, and as a result, the plastic surgery industry has boomed. The good news is that, these days, it is possible to have virtually any form of plastic surgery or appearance enhancement procedures performed. One of the most popular questions asked with regards to elective surgery is, ‘How much will butt implants cost to have performed?’

What is Butt Implant Surgery?

Alternatively known as gluteoplasty, butt implant surgery involves having implants inserted either on top of or under the muscles in the rear end. These implants serve to enhance the appearance of this part of the body and they are an extremely popular option for women who wish to obtain the ever-popular hour glass figure. However, this is not to say that men cannot benefit from this procedure as well, as it is an ideal option for those who feel that their buttocks are under-developed. In some cases, liposuction may also be required in order to provide the desired effect. The surgeon will discuss all of these options with candidates prior to performing the surgery.

Determining the Cost of this Surgery

As with most other forms of plastic or elective surgery, butt implants cost quite a few thousand dollars. Factors that affect your buttocks implant cost will include items such as the surgeon that is being used, the location where the surgery is being performed, whether or not anesthesia is included in the price and whether follow up consultations have been implemented into the price or not. However, most surgeons will be willing to provide patients with a final total so that they can plan ahead. The cost of this surgery can range anywhere from $7,000 to over $15,000, and the majority of health plans will not cover this. However, some surgeons will be willing to work out payment plans.

Benefits of this Surgery

People who have had butt implants inserted have reported that their clothing fits them far better than ever before and as a result, they enjoy significantly improved levels of self-esteem. This procedure also enhances the shape of the buttocks, which means those patients can and usually do feel far more confident while wearing tight fitting pants or swimsuits. This is also the ideal form of enhancement surgery for patients who do not have sufficient fat deposits elsewhere on their bodies to help with improving the shape of their buttocks. Patients who have this surgery performed can say goodbye to sagging buttocks for many years afterwards as well.

It is important to remember that there are potential risks involved with any form of plastic surgery. Patients who have bleeding disorders or who are allergic to silicone should inform their plastic surgeon prior to having the surgery performed. Although it may be cheaper to have this surgery performed outside of the United States, this may not always be a recommendation, as foreign surgeons may not perform the surgery according to industry standards.

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