The Pros and Cons of Getting Calf Implants

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your calves just don’t gain mass. But calf implants could be what you need. What Are Calf Implants? These implants are silicone pockets that are surgically placed in your calf. The surgeon uses a small incision in the crease on the back side of the knee to place […]

How Cheek Implants will Change Your Life

When it comes to our appearance, our cheeks tell a story. For some people, they tell that story subtly, and for others, the tale is told in a more obvious, face-defining way. For those people who have naturally high, prominent cheekbones, that story is often a tale of confidence and self-assurance. For others, it can be […]

How Brain Implants Can Help With Paralysis Treatment

It’s not just science fiction anymore. A new paralysis treatment, relying on brain implants, allowed two paralyzed monkeys to successfully begin walking again. Meanwhile, in humans, neuroscientists have recently developed a brain implant that allows paralyzed people to feel their limbs. Brain implants — a promising new paralysis treatment Last fall, Swiss researchers revealed the secret behind their remarkable […]

Forgotten No More: Brain Implants Designed to Restore Memory

Brain Implants Designed to Restore Memory It’s a sci-fi staple and the very essence of wish-fulfillment: the bio-augmentation implant that can restore memory or make you smarter, stronger, faster…better. That is, until you get to the first plot twist. In real life (at least so far) the story’s way more positive. From Bamboo Teeth to […]

Natural looking breast implants; is it possible?

Human bosoms are indicators of fertility and more importantly ornaments to attract a mate. Thus, women always have drawn attention to their bust through corsets, paddings, and breast enhancements. Although there is an increasing trend in breast enlargement, many women still opt for a more discreet option, “has she or hasn’t she” boob job. Hence, […]

The new “It”: Gummy bear breast implants

For women interested in implants, the traditional choice is either saline or silicon devices. Until recently, a new option is available – the gummy bear breast implants, which is the hottest new thing in the world of breast enhancement. You may wonder, what are gummy bear breast implants? Do they really look like the children’s […]

Is breast enhancement surgery right for you?

You may have considering getting breast enhancement surgery for years, and you may have saved up a large sum of money to get this dream of yours, but have you ever considered if breast augmentation is right for you? What is breast enhancement surgery? Breast enhancement surgery is the surgical placement of implants to increase […]

Why Is Fat Transfer to Buttocks the Best Butt Enhancement Solution?

Fat transfer to buttocks is normally done by removing fat deposit from a donor site and transferring it to the buttocks through injection or grafting. The typical donor sites include the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back. There is no foreign object involved in this procedure like in the case of surgery using buttock implants, which […]

4 Things about Natural Looking Butt Implants that You Need to Know

Getting new natural looking butt implants is not the only consideration before agreeing to go under the knife. Everyone should know these four things about implants and butt enhancement surgery before signing up. 1. There are two general types of gluteal implants: anatomical and round. Natural looking butt implants are considered the anatomical type. They […]

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